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International export license, Freightforwarding, Waste management solutions


Do you feel like you get lost in the web of the ever changing European laws and regulations on export? We can help you deal with the day to day effects they have on your business operations and administrative or environmental departments. We offer our services to increase your company’s level of knowledge on this subject. Or, even better, we can take over a large part of your administrative tasks in this area. We at Novotem are at home in this field on national and international levels. Need help? Click here to contact us.


Logistic bottlenecks bring you frustrations? We actually like them. Our local and international network helps us to provide you with the best environmental solutions for all your freight forwarding challenges. And whilst doing this, we focus on the lowest C02 footprint possible. Our flexibility and expertise regarding transportation of waste streams (hazardous or not) will secure our partners in transparent administration and calculation. All your precarious cargo will get from A to B safe, sound and clean. Need help? Click here to contact us.


Your business produces waste? We have some core principles when it comes down to that: as little landfill and C02 emissions as possible and we do not waste ‘waste’. We are fan of reducing and recycling. To perfectly manage your waste stream(s) we start with a total assessment at your location. By using the ‘circular economy’ methodology we create added value for the business that is yours and the environment that belongs to us all. Need help? Click here to contact us.

About Novotem

Novotem is a creative and innovative waste management company with over fifty years of experience in multiple sectors. Due to our diverse, flexible and proactive team we add value to any company process in our areas of expertise. Our (inter)national network allows us to be a leader in creating the best possible options for reducing, recycling and co-processing. Whether it’s waste, freight or licenses you need to deal with: Novotem can help you out.

Our mission & vision

We as Novotem seek partners with a common principle: to move forward in creating a circular economy when it comes down to waste. How? Create zero landfill, reduce C02 emissions and limit the use of the earth’s natural resources. And all we do together must be done in the most responsible and safe way possible. We provide all the services needed to achieve this shared goal.
Novotem has helped us find the most sustainable recovery route for the by-products from our new processing plant. Not only have they introduced us to new recovery routes within Europe. They have also taken care of all transport and TFS notification procedures for us. A real hands-on company, easy to talk to and loads of in-house experience

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